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Mission: Impossible

July 22, 2011

Hey everyone! This is a review on my segment, “Movies My Parents Like”. My family thinks ‘Mission Impossible’ was stunning, jaw-dropping, accelerating, and thrilling. I thought Mission Impossible was simply pretty good. It was surprising and intense, yet confusing.  It was mostly intense because throughout the movie it appeared Tom Cruise was always so close to death. Especially in the beginning. I did not expect the beginning turn out the way it did. I actually felt bad for Tom Cruise in that scene because it was so sad and shocking. Still like I said, it was  confusing for me. During most of the movie I couldn’t stay hooked. I often got detracted from the movie because there was a lot of talking throughout the middle. So I got confused. It stayed that way until the end of the movie when most of the action did take place. Even with the confusion, I love a mature spy movie and this certainly was. But all in all I’d give this movie a fireworks.   but hey I want to know what you think. So go to and vote for yourself. Also, leave some feedback for me so I can make my reviews even better for you. Next Monday I’ll be doing a review on X-Men: First Class. See you then.

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