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Silverado PG-13

July 29, 2011

Thanks for coming to The D-Dan reviews. Sorry to disappoint you and myself, but I can’t do a review on “Tombstone“. It’s rated “R”. But still, Silverado was pretty good. Silverado is a western about four guys named Paden, Emet, Mel, and Jake trying to create justice. I like how every character in the story had a real good purpose and without them the story would not have been as good.

Paden was a drifter, Emet was looking for justice, Mel had a score to settle, and Jake was crazy. All of them had a great back story. I love how all there stories blended together and made one great story. The thing that made the story so good is the acting.

Throughout the movie, the acting stayed perfect. There was not one glitch. That’s why the story was played so well. My only problem with the movie is the editing. Whoever edited this movie was not doing to great a job. The dilemmas were pretty important. For starters, the audio was really bad. In the beginning I could not hear a thing then the volume went up then down again. Also, there were bad cuts. Bad cuts in a movie really irritate me because then I can’t stay focused after the cut for a while, which is what happened. It was a great movie but the editing needed work so I’m giving this movie a fireworks. This Monday I’ll have a review on Cowboys & Aliens. Until next time this is the D-Dan reviews.

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