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October Sky

August 26, 2011

Thanks for coming to The D-Dan Reviews. For anyone who knows that they are  above average, knows they are meant to do something great, but can’t put their finger on it, then this is definitely the movie for you!

October Sky is based on a true story. It ‘s about a boy named Homer who is in high school and he didn’t know what he wanted to do. Until on night everyone looked up into the October sky to look at the space ship that was launched. Homer want’s to do something great. The only problem is that his family works in the coal mines, his dad runs the coal mines, and the whole city runs on the coal from the mines, so his dad want’s him to be a miner. But Homer want’s to build a rocket!

The story line by itself gets me jumpy because I love inspirational movies and true stories. The movie definitely met my expectation. It was good because of everything. I couldn’t think of  one thing wrong. This movie made me happy, sad, mad, joyful, and furious. Now I may catch people’s eye with the word “furious”, but I used it because of one abuse scene. But it’s not a “bad furious” it’s a “good furious.”

The closest thing to bad in the movie is the title. I do not know why it is called October Sky, but is that really that bad? I really liked the movie. The emotions felt so real and the story was beautiful. So all in all I’d rate this movie a nuclear. I will not be doing videos for a while because of school, but I will continue with written reviews and I will  let you know Monday’s movie review on Twitter and Facebook. Until next time this is The D-Dan Reviews.

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