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September 2, 2011

Thanks everyone for coming to the D-Dan reviews. Today I will be doing my very first book review! The book is called Angel. The author is Cliff Mcnish. Angel is about a girl named Freya who’s obsession with angels ultimately sends her in a coma. She went into this coma because of her encounter with an angel. After a few years she comes out of her coma and goes to high school were she tries to ignore angels and deal with her life. All the while her brother and dad are holding a secret from her and angels are holding a secret from her as well.

Angel gives me mixed emotions. I love the story and how Freya and her brother, Luke, are dealing with two different situations that are difficult and they are trying their best to overcome it. But in this book Freya keeps changing from bad to good, then good to bad. It was hard for me to stay on her side. It did make sense that the author did that though because a lot of people do that. It was pretty irritating but there was some cool things to make up for it. In the book some angels believe in the Lord and some don’t. That alone is really cool. I like how the author used the angels to represent humans slightly. I say slightly because they weren’t like humans anymore than that little way. But the little way contributes big in the story.

In the book the angels can give up on humans and they don’t have to guard them anymore. It is so irritating to me. Mostly because in the book the angels love the humans so much that the angels would die for them. It was so confusing and I could not get around that. Still I kind of enjoyed the confusion because every second, because of the confusion, you would wonder what happens next.

I enjoyed the book mostly because of how much I can relate to the brother, Luke. Luke’s character is a teenage boy who is helping an elementary kid who is dealing with a bully. This bully is a bully to everyone no matter how old. I relate to Luke in so many different ways. He wants peace and can’t stand bullying, so do I. He just wanted the boy to be safe and I totally agree with that when it comes to bullying. I want the victim to be safe. But even still the book was kind of boring.

It was really slow. I really had to be patient for me to stay hooked in this book. But the thing that makes up this whole review is the way Freya and Luke dealt with pure pressure and bullying. It was phenomenal, if you look at it a certain way. I liked it so much that it probably, in my mind, could make this world a better place. All in all I’d give this book  “The bomb”. It is really good, but so slow that you could stop reading the book at any given time. So anyway you could get this book in the library or off of amazon.

There is one really important thing about this book,  your beliefs really determine if you like the book or not. As a movie and book reviewer I have to forget my beliefs, But you don’t, I’m saying this because you may not like some things about this book because of your beliefs.That’s my first book review, did you like it? Tell me by leaving me a comment. Also leave some feedback so my next review can be even better. Until next time this is the D-Dan reviews.

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  1. LaCharla permalink
    September 3, 2011 9:23 pm

    Dan, I enjoyed your first book review. I like that you told us what you found strong and weak about the story and how you felt about it personally. Very good job! I look forward to your next review.

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