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The Titans Curse

October 7, 2011

Hello everyone! It’s been a while but I’m doing another book review. Today I’m doing a book review on Percy Jackson. For those who know nothing about Percy Jackson, here is something important to know. This is the third book in the serious of Percy Jackson and I’m doing it because it’s my favorite so far. Also there are two books before this one and you must read the books to understand this book. Also Percy has three friends that are also very important to the whole series. This book is about how Percy Jackson and friends once again finds themself on a quest to save a friend and a godess, and also save the the olympians.

Now, I really, really love this book. I can not stress to anyone enough how good this book is. For starters the book has almost all the genres mixed in one nicely. It has action, adventure, drama, romance, and comedy.

The action and adventure you know will come if you know Percy Jackson, but then the comedy breaks the ice of the realistic drama which gives it the kid friendly feel and adds a hint of the classic “I’ll save you” love story with a kids “I don’t want you to though mind”.

Now doesn’t that sound fantastic? I mostly enjoyed the book because everyone’s character stayed true to who they were the whole time. Because of that I got lost in my book, I got excited, I got sad, but the best thing was I stayed hooked.

I really enjoyed this book and I think you will to so go to Amazon’s site to get one. Also make sure to hit the like button at the bottom right hand corner. Lastly make sure to donate to The D-Dan Reviews by clicking the donate button and bluehost. I really hope you enjoyed this review. Until next time this is the The D-Dan Reviews!

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