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Tornado Alley

October 21, 2011

Welcome everyone and thanks for coming to The D-Dan Reviews. It’s been a while but for the first time in a long time I’ll be doing a video review! Unfortunately you’ll be seeing that later because I can’t do it yet. Are you surprised, if so I am too. Especially about doing this with a tornado movie. Tornado Alley is about a man named Sean Casey (who is a professional storm chaser and a IMAX film director) and his life long dream about getting a shot of the inside of the tornado.

Now, Sean Casey already had a show on TV that I didn’t watch. knowing nothing about the man, I went and saw this movie in D.C, in the IMAX theater, and in 3D. What a thrill ride! I enjoyed this movie a bunch; and the fact that this was a true story was hard to take in, but amazing. Now I say it was hard to take in because it took this man eight years, his entire life savings, and a homemade tank (which was awesome) to get his dream shot.

Besides the visual effects this movie had great storyline. All Sean Casey wanted was a shot that may last 45 seconds and he went through blood, sweat, tears, and, as he puts it “the colorful words of the crew” which none of was in this movie.

From the tank to the tornadoes, this movie was visually amazing and truly great. I encourage everyone to watch this movie. I can’t wait to do my video review and show it to you guys. It’s going to be great. Also don’t forget to donate to the D-Dan Reviews and sign up for encase you want your own website. You can get there by clicking the affiliate link next to the review. That’s it for now, until next time this is The D-Dan Reviews.

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