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Time Machine

December 4, 2011

Hello everyone and thanks for coming to The D-Dan Reviews. Today I’ll be doing a review on a book called Time Machine by H.G Wells. This movie is about a time traveler who  travels to the far future and finds that humanity has divided into two, different in every way,  species and when his time machine is stolen, he has no means of escape.

This book I have mixed emotions about. On one hand this book has adventure, action, and love (like loving your child). This book actually came alive in my opinion. The Time Traveler  basically read the book to you and you can’t help to start thinking what if, then you start imagining. Which is what is awesome about this book. But what plays apart of the imagining is how boring the book can  really get. I got bored because  I lost so easy.

If you have a sharp mind I suggest you read it. I say this because the concept of time and space is what he is mostly talking about; And it is really hard to grasp. At certain parts he’ll talk about the adventure and then he’ll talk about his findings and you may get lost because of the transition in the book. That’s why you HAVE to pay attention.

If there’s one thing I really liked about the book, it’s the realism. Little things like how irritable you get when you can’t figure something out or even the unraveling of one’s personality after being with someone at some place for a while.

I actually enjoyed this book. There are some hard concepts to grasp, but when you figure it out, you can’t stay away from the book. All in all I’d give this book “The Bomb”.

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