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Mars Needs Moms

January 20, 2012

Hello everyone and thank you for coming to The D-Dan Reviews. Today I’ll be doing a very different movie, as in planet different. The movie is Mars Needs Moms. It’ s about a young boy named Milo who  gains a deeper appreciation for his mom after Martians come to Earth to take her away.

Okay, so at first I thought this movie was going to stink. But I was actually really wrong. I am amazed by how much of a connection I can make with the kid Milo. I’m actually sitting back,  laughing about how much he and I are alike. For example, when he had to take out the trash, he didn’t feel like it just like me. Also he feels like he has to do all the work, which at times I feel the same way, and I hate it. The thing is watching yourself in a movie teaches you a lesson about yourself. This is why I think the movie is great for kids.

The other thing I liked is that the movie actually looked real. It wasn’t cartoonish like I thought it would be.

Now the things I didn’t like. When I watch movies I don’t watch it like a little kid. So, for the sake of the kids I won’t be too harsh. I think the comedy lines ( or what was supposed to be comedy) were a bit cheesy. So if the parents don’t like the movie because of that I understand completely. I wouldn’t say unbearable, but I would say just not funny. Also there were things that didn’t make sense. Here’s what the main issues to me were:

  • Alien and human love
  • Aliens needed a mask to breath on their own planet
  • Milo only wore a helmet on mars so he should have exploded.

Keep in mind that these three things are not things kids might notice. This is for the adults.

All in all I’d rate this movie a fireworks (yeah its been a while). You can catch this movie on DVD and on Netflix. Make sure to sign up for Blue by clicking my affiliate link on the side. You know, in case you want your own website too. Lastly remember to comment, subscribe and follow. Thank you everyone and until next time this, is The D-Dan Reviews.

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