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Red Tails

January 27, 2012

Hello everyone and thanks for coming to The D-Dan Reviews. Today I will be doing a very, very special review. the movie is so special that I’m doing a video review on it! The movie  I’m reviewing is Red Tails! This spectacular movie is about A crew of the first African-American pilots in the Tuskegee training program fighting to get a chance to do some serious flying and to fight for their country, but have a difficult time because of the color of there skin.

This movie has to be one of the most inspirational movie’s since October Sky. It was the perfect example of a movie you could connect to. Before I start rambling, let me first talk about the picture. It was superb! It was like I was watching Star Wars on earth( Well it was created by George Lucas)! Every second the movie took  place in the air, I felt like I was in the air, too! The main reason I felt like that was because it was mostly shot from an angle in which you were in first person point of view.

The next thing I really liked about the movie was the acting. It was truly phenomenal. I felt like they really captured the essence of the emotion that was going on in that time period and the actors made it feel like they actually went  through the hard times, and boy did they do it well.

Now the acting was good, but I think this person acted too well. His name was Lighting. Sure he was bold and brave, but it was to the point in which he never followed orders. It was kind of disrespectful and I did not like that at all. He had to be the most annoying thing about this movie, but hey, everyone’s different. Plus, I could understand why he felt the way he felt and did the things he did. It was most likely because of the struggle he was going through, but everyone else was going through a struggle too so there was no need for disrespect.

All in all I’d rate this movie a “NUCLEAR”. I really loved this movie and encourage everyone to see it because you can learn a lot about black history, and you could be inspired by our history. Make sure to sign up for Blue by clicking my affiliate link on the side. You know, in case you want your own website too. Lastly remember to comment, subscribe and follow. Thank you everyone and until next time this, is The D-Dan Reviews.

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