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Snow white and the Huntsman

June 12, 2012

Hello everyone and thank you or coming to The D-Dan Reviews! Today I’ll be doing a review on a movie called Snow White  and the Huntsman. In this epic battle, the queen Ravenna is the fairest of them all and tends to keep it that way, but snow is fairer and the only one standing in the queens way, so Snow White and her army go out to vanquish the queen and take back there land.

Let me just say bravo for taking the classic fairy-tale and  turning it into an action-pack, blood rushing, amazing movie and still keep the classic battle of good vs evil going.

Rupert Sanders did a phenomenal job and I want to say thank goodness this movie wasn’t completely jacked up. I was never a fan of Snow White, but I  was seriously scared that this movie was going to lose the fairy tale aspect and just be about a war. It  told a great story, had glorious picture, and the acting was top-notch.

Now I know guys “Snow White is for girls, I don’t want to see anything about a princess”. This is not your everyday princess story. It’s dark, surprising and when I say that this movie had action I mean this movie had action. There was only one thing I didn’t like about the movie.

The thing is, I didn’t like who true love’s kiss was. If this guy was true love’s kiss, then there was no need for this other character. So he was a waste of time which therefore made the movie longer and wasted our time.

All in all I’d give this movie a NUCLEAR. It was a great movie and I encourage everyone to see it. Make sure to sign up for Blue by clicking my affiliate link on the side. You know, in case you want your own website too. Lastly remember to comment, subscribe and follow. Thank you everyone and until next time, this is The D-Dan Reviews.

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