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Moonrise Kingdom

July 9, 2012

Hello everyone and thanks for stopping by at The D-Dan Reviews. It has been a long while but I’m back and doing a review on a different kind of movie. Now I know everyone wants Spider-man, but I decided to bypass the blockbuster movies this time and take on an independent film called Moonrise Kingdom. This movie is about two misunderstood kids who fall in love who run away to be together causing a local search party, consisting of boy scouts type troops, police, and family to fan out and find them. Now I know some of you are saying, “D-Dan? A love story?” Let me explain.

Now a bit of warning for those of you who are used to seeing blockbuster films. Independent film is done a bit different. My dad did things the right way. He is a supporter of Independent film and he knew this style may not be so enticing to someone unfamiliar with it at first, so he took me to the movies to see the film, then showed the trailer. Good call. The trailer is confusing and boring and I’m sure you would not want to see this movie if you saw the trailer first. So you’re going to want to just go see the movie and skip the trailer, because this film is really good.

This was a movie about scouts (Khaki Scouts is what they were called), so the setting was the wilderness and that’s where the story mostly takes place. To me, that was one of the best parts of the movie. It was beautiful!!!  They had amazing sights and you just can’t take your eyes of the screen, I know I couldn’t! Still though, it was a low-budget movie so there were some pretty bad special effects.

Two things I really liked about this movie were the cast choice and the way the movie was shot. First the setting of the movie was 1965 so it was old, and the dialogue was very funny. The movie was kiddish, but the kids acted so mature. For instance they had scenes with the kids playing poker and when the scouts went out to hunt the two “love birds”, they acted like they were going into war.

The other thing was the character choice and what I mean by that is I feel like each cast member was perfect for their character. The looks, the acting, their personalities, everything felt just right and it was comfortable. The thing that bugged me though is that the movie moved in an odd indescribable pace at times, which kind of took some getting use to.

So yes, I don’t usually like love stories, but I do like this one! It was very different to me because of the natural humor, and it wasn’t cliche. This movie is the type of film where if you’re having a rough time, it is sure to comfort you and give you a laugh.

All and all, I’d give this movie, my first love story, THE BOMB.  It had great acting, a great story, and was very comforting, but the pace of the movie was so weird to me.

A note to the parents out there, this movie will need your attention. Because this is a love story, some of the topics are mature, and though they were handled very nicely, I would definitely recommend you viewing this with your kids, and maybe even discussing it afterwards, in a fun way, of course!

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