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Confessions of a Murder Suspect

March 30, 2013

confessionsHello everyone and welcome to The D-Dan Reviews! Today will be a special book review on a book that is directed more so on the teens, rather than everyone. The book is called, Confessions of a Murder Suspect. This book is about a teenage girl who grows up in a family that’s not so normal compared to others. Her parents died one night and she was accused for murder. Now she must solve the case on who killed them to prove herself innocent all while keeping her “not so normal family” together.

Let me start of by saying that this book did have some graphic content in it and if you’re not one that can handle that kind of stuff, you may not want to read this book. Also I’m going to have to say right now that this book is for 14 years and up based on your childs maturity level. Now that all of that stuff is out of the way, I can tell you how I feel about this book.

This book was phenomenal!!! As I read, I found myself encased in this murder mystery so much so that as I turned each delicately written page, I myself was trying to solve the mystery. I felt the each of the main characters pains as I read this book. I followed along with the story for 3 hours straight at one time and could not put down this eloquent, deep, and mind-blowing book. It was just that good. It had a mix of genres to it. They were action, syfy, mystery, and my least favorite, love.

All in all I’d give this book a NUCLEAR!!!! It was a great book and made you think, which I love to do when I read. Remember that this book is mostly reaching out toward teens, so that’s its main audience for any adults reading.Well thats it, come back next week for a brand new review. Until next time this is The D-Dan Reviews!

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