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May 4, 2013

42Hello everyone and welcome to The D-Dan Reviews! I know that I’ve already posted one review today, but I want to push as many reviews out as I can before my Iron Man 3 review. So, today I’m doing a review on “42”. 42 is a 2013 biographical sports film written and directed by Brian Helgeland about the life of baseball player Jackie Robinson, who wore jersey number 42.

Now this movie didn’t have a lot of action or adventure, but what it did have, was drama and a great story. Baseball. Not one of my favorite sports in the world, but at least I can catch. Recently in school I’ve been doing a baseball unit. Now what I have to do is play all the position and of course bat in three days. Now please don’t judge when I tell you this. When I went up to bat I hit a foul ball and it landed right on my head, hard. Everyone was laughing. Of course when it happened to Jackie it was purpose, but the point is I felt kind of what he was feeling. I felt his embarrassment on a lower degree, I felt his disappointment on a lower degree, but most importantly I felt what he was feeling throughout the whole movie.

It was a pretty hard movie to watch. The story was told really well. It had you so into the movie that you had this sort of empathy link with Jackie the whole time no matter what race you are. I wish I could say more stuff about the movie but I can’t. Which leads me to the bad parts of this movie. It just felt kind of lacking by the end of the movie. I don’t know what it was but I was looking for something more. I guess I just wanted to see more of Jackie’s life instead of just his first season. 

 All in all I’d give this movie a THE BOMB. Maybe when you see it you’ll have a better reaction, but for me it was good, but  lacking. Well thanks for stopping by! don’t forget to come back later for a review on Iron Man 3! Until next time this is The D-dan Reviews!

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