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The Facts R These

July 15, 2013

imagesHello everyone and welcome to The D-Dan Reviews. Now I know it’s been a while since I’ve posted anything, so I decided to give you guys something special that I don’t do a lot! Today I’m going to go see Pacific Rim, and before I go I figured I could give you all some facts about the movie and the movie making processes of Pacific Rim!

I was just wondering if you all knew Travis Beecham, the screenwriter, got the idea for the movie while walking along the California coastline on a foggy morning. The shape of the pier looked like a creature rising from the water, and he imagined a large robot waiting on the shore to battle it. I don’t know about you but that’s actually really cool!

Here’s a little more! A  life-sized version of the robot cockpit was built on a soundstage at Pinewood Studios in Toronto. It weighed about 20 tons, and stood nearly four stories high. It was built on a gigantic hydraulic gimbal, which would move, shake, vibrate, drop, and rock the entire set as if it were actually being piloted!

I think that’s kind of dangerous but not as dangerous as the fact that Tom Cruise was considered for a role, but in the end, Idris Elba was casted! Maybe if they put in Tom Cruise it would have done better in the box office and not have come in third.

Our last fact of the day is that the original name of this movie, the one that was sent to theaters, was “Still Seas”! That was later changed to Pacific Rim which was a good chose in my opinion!

I really can’t wait to see this movie guys, I think it could be good! If  you guys want more facts check them out in my first link at the top that says Pacific Rim. Check out my review tomorrow! Until next time this is The D-Dan Reviews!

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