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The Amazing Spider-Man 2

May 2, 2014

spidermanHello everyone and welcome to The D-Dan Reviews! As some of you may know, Yesterday I went to see The Amazing Spider-Man 2.  This movie is about how Peter Parker, aka Spider-Man, struggles against villain’s who are more powerful than ever and choices he has to make including love and responsibility.

I honestly had no clue what to expect from this movie. Even still as I play it through in my head, the whole movie seems kind of jumbled to what I saw in the trailer. I guess you could say nothing ever really sticks out in this movie except a couple of really cool scenes, but even still I kind of just feel like the movie wasn’t worth my time to see in theaters. There were also some really cool scene’s were Spider-Man does his “Spider-Man thing” and saves everyone and everything but even that lost its touch and just made the movie seem dragged out. The movie ended up being 2hrs and 25min! The worst part is the villains only showed up to fight Spider-Man in the last 20 min of the movie. That really wasn’t done well. they tried to stuff Electro, Green Goblin, and The Rhino’s fights all at the end. By the way, if you saw the trailer, you pretty much saw The Rhino’s whole fight scene. But even with all this I still found the movie at least entertaining and it held my attention the whole way through.

Now I’m not a really technical guy; little things don’t exactly bother me in movies. But you’re kind of pushing the envelope when you’re hiding behind a manhole cover and a rocket hits you and your fine. This is the kind of life and death situations Spider-Man ended up in that definitely should have ended in death. I mean really? Are you telling me that a guy standing two feet from you couldn’t hit you with a bullet from a automatic machine gun? At least one bullet could have grazed you and the explosion from the rocket didn’t even push him back a little. Anyway, your definitely going to find little nuisances throughout the entire movie.

All in all, I guess I’d give this movie a “POP ROCKS!” (2 out of 5). I did enjoy watching the movie, I mean I’d watch it if it came on TV, but It could have been way better. Really the whole movie was about Peter’s love life, which did in fact provide a shocking twist at the end, but I really didn’t feel like watching a soap opera. Well that’s it for today guys! Next movie I should be reviewing is X-Men Days of Future Past. Also I might start using my website to update the world on current events, and give my opinion about whatever’s going on in the world. Alright guy, until next time, this is The D-Dan Reviews!

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  1. June 24, 2014 2:45 pm

    LOL, I see your still blogging. As far as this movie, thanks for the warning.I haven’t been up here in a while, but I see your doing great! Keep up the great work. Have a fun summer!

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